Kenshoo Does It Again With Their PLA Guide

Feb. 11

Do you Kenshoo? Kenshoo is an amazing digital marketing platform for the true digital marketing professional. You may recall, just a few weeks ago, I blogged about Kenshoo’s new eBook, Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance. I truly enjoyed reading that study, and highly recommend it to any digital marketer considering budget allocation decisions by channel. Well, Kenshoo has done it again! Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to share Kenshoo’s latest free guide: The Kenshoo Guide to Google Product Listing Ads.

As the title suggests, this guide is all about Product Listing Ads, also known as PLA Ads. It’s a free 17-page guide, packed full of actionable tips. Many years back, at the beginning of my digital marketing career, I was in the Product Shopping space and had great exposure to PLAs, feeds, and shopping comparison sites/ads. However, for most of my career, I have been in the Financial Services vertical. Those of us in Finance don’t spend quite as much focus on PLAs (we have our own Finance-specific ad extensions and advertising vehicles). This particular fact piqued my interest incredibly in Kenshoo’s new guide…

I’m a huge proponent of leveraging technologies from Product in Finance and vice versa. You can learn so much by investigating verticals other than your own, and leveraging ideas across categories. I picked up some solid tips and advice.

In Kenshoo’s guide, you’ll learn all about PLAs, Google Merchant Center, data feeds, product targets, important rules, and so much more. My absolute favorite parts of Kenshoo’s guide are the 8 best practices and common PLA mistakes. These sections truly provide some golden nuggets of info.

Kenshoo is one of the best digital marketing platforms around. They originally got started in the Product vertical so they know this stuff incredibly well. I highly suggest downloading Kenshoo’s free guide today to perfect your Product Listing Ad skills. Even if you aren’t in the Product category (like me), you will learn form this guide. As digital marketers, it’s all about generating new ideas. The best ideas often come from applying insights from one category to another, challenging the status quo. Elevate your PLA skills today!

Kenshoo PLA Guide

Image of Kenshoo PLA Guide © Kenshoo

Does Facebook Advertising Assist PPC?

Jan. 27

Do you advertise on Facebook? How about PPC (Google AdWords and Bing Ads)? If you’re a digital marketing professional, the answer is most likely a huge “Yes!” Both channels (Facebook/social) and also PPC are great on their own. However, have you ever wondered, does my Facebook advertising impact and assist my paid search? Many of us believe so, but have never performed a formal study to prove the correlation.

Thanks to Kenshoo, the leader in Bid Management Software and Social Advertising Platforms according to Forrester, I’m thrilled to share some answers. Kenshoo recently published a free whitepaper that proves a correlation between Facebook and PPC: Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance.

I’m a huge fan of Kenshoo; They are all about tracking, analytics, technology, and innovation. Long story short, they are perhaps the best company to do this type of study. They have deep roots in this type of analysis, and that’s something I respect incredibly about Kenshoo.

Some high level findings (download the free whitepaper to learn more about the particular experiment, and how it was conducted):

  • +30% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • +24% AOV (Average Order Value)
  • +7% CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • -4.5% CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

Figuring out budgets and media allocation for 2014? Make sure to set aside some extra funds for Facebook advertising (knowing the positive impact it has on core PPC), and don’t forget to reserve funds for amazing technologies such as Kenshoo!

Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance

Image in this post © Kenshoo

Sharpen Your Remarketing Skills With 3Q Digital

Jan. 05

I’m an incredible fan of remarketing (also known as retargeting). Those who have already visited your site are incredibly valuable. Perhaps they started researching your product, but were not ready to purchase. Perhaps they want to buy your product, but did not have their credit card ready. Perhaps they completed a transaction on your site, and are looking forward to coming back and buying more. Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely fundamental to your digital marketing success (and overall company success) to engage (and provide value to) those who have already visited your website. It’s all about targeted display, search, and even social media remarketing campaigns.

I’m also an incredible fan of 3Q Digital, Silicon Valley’s Digital Marketing Agency. These guys are the experts, and deliver amazing results for their clients. They work with many of the most successful startups and brands in the Silicon Valley. They are good people, and add so much value to our industry.

To kick off the new year, I wanted to share with you a free, new eBook from 3Q Digital: The Complete Guide to Advanced AdWords Remarketing. If you’ve been reading PPC Ian for a while, you know I’m a big fan of free eBooks and whitepapers. I like to read as many as possible, and always post my favorites here. This new eBook from 3Q Digital is definitely one of my favorites. They not only cover the basics, but also spend 15 pages going into advanced AdWords remarketing topics such as Remarketing Lists for Search (RLSA), Search Companion Remarketing, Similar Users Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing, and Using Google Analytics for Remarketing. I especially enjoyed the section on Remarketing Lists for Search and wrote down a new idea I’ll be sure to try.

Thanks 3Q Digital for starting off the new year with an amazing new eBook! Readers, simply click banner below to visit 3Q and download your free copy. On the landing page, make sure to choose the remarketing whitepaper and any others that interest you (3Q offers an extensive library of whitepapers)!

3Q Digital The Complete Guide To AdWords Remarketing

Image of The Complete Guide To Advanced AdWords Remarketing © 3Q Digital

PPC Associates Must-Have 2013 Facebook Ads Guide

Jul. 24

I’m a huge fan of PPC Associates Digital Marketing Agency. I’m personal friends with their co-founder and CEO, David Rodnitzky. I’m also great friends with their several other team members at PPC Associates including Hillary Read, their Director of Marketing. I truly appreciate their breadth of experience across all channels of digital marketing. I also truly appreciate the fact that they know how to market their own agency, the sign of a truly passionate marketing team. As just one example: PPC Associates runs one of the greatest digital marketing blogs on the Internet.

Today, I wanted to share with you the brand new PPC Associates 2013 Guide To Facebook Advertising. I thought it would make perfect sense given that Facebook just announced their second quarter earnings and beat estimates handsomely (thanks to digital marketing professionals like you and me). Right now is the time to advertise on Facebook, and PPC Associates is there to guide you every step of the way with their free tutorial.

I really like this guide, and here’s why:

  • It’s jam-packed with 24 pages of free insights.
  • It talks about all the possible objectives of advertising on Facebook. Facebook is a lot different than traditional search marketing. Perhaps you’re looking to drive brand awareness. Perhaps you’re looking to generate likes. Perhaps you’re looking to drive direct response conversions. PPC Associates covers all of these objectives, and discusses the different types of ads and how they relate to each objective.
  • PPC Associates goes into incredible detail to educate the reader about all types of Facebook ads. I’m talking about marketplace ads (marketplace standard ad, marketplace event ad, marketplace like ad, and marketplace application ad), sponsored stories (page likes, check-ins, and page posts), mobile advertisements (mobile sponsored stories, mobile promoted posts, mobile page posts, and mobile app install ads), premium ads (photo, video, question, status, event, link, app ad, video app ad, standard ad, and video standard ad), sponsored search results, and Facebook Exchange Ads (FBX). Wow, that was a looooong list! I wanted to list it all out, however, to show you the comprehensiveness of this great resource.
  • This guide also dives into a ton of other topics: targeting options, custom audiences, metrics, and more.
  • It’s written in a logical, easy-to-follow format. It’s a true reference that you can share with your entire team.

When it comes to digital marketing, I really enjoy learning from agencies. They get to see so much, across so many different verticals. PPC Associates’ amazing wealth of knowledge comes through in their guide and I highly recommend downloading your free copy.

Facebook Advertising PPC Associates

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Kenshoo Search Trends: Insightful Whitepaper

Jun. 03

I’m a huge fan of Kenshoo Digital Marketing Technology. Kenshoo provides one of the most amazing search marketing platforms in existence. Approximately three billion dollars of annual digital marketing spend is managed via Kenshoo, and they were named the leader in bid management buy Forrester.

Today, I am thrilled to share Kenshoo’s new Global Search Advertising Trends whitepaper. It’s free and a true must-read. I’m a real fan of Kenshoo whitepapers and have covered several here on PPC Ian. One of my other favorites is the Kenshoo SmartPath whitepaper, all about Kenshoo attribution modeling (truly advanced stuff).

So what’s Kenshoo’s latest whitepaper all about? Global Trends aggregates billions of dollars worth of data and illustrates really interesting trends in the digital marketing landscape. We’re talking about trends in budget/spend, CPCs, clicks, click-through-rates, impressions, and more. We’re talking about trends across region – US, UK, and EU. We’re talking about device-specific trends.

I personally rely on such whitepapers and trends to understand the bigger picture. I found the insights Kenshoo shares about spend/budget to be particularly insightful. Thanks, Kenshoo, for another awesome whitepaper! I recommend downloading this free whitepaper and leveraging the insights at your company.

Kenshoo Global Search Advertising Trends

Image in this post © Kenshoo