Speaking At Programmatic I/O

Apr. 25

I’m a tremendous fan of public speaking, it’s so much fun and a true adrenaline rush! Recently, I had the honor of speaking at Programmatic I/O San Francisco. I co-presented with my good friend Chris Innes from SteelHouse, in an exciting session called The Agency and Marketer Connect.

As someone who’s been acquiring customers for a very long time (11-years), my favorite channel these days is programmatic. The world of programmatic advertising is evolving rapidly, infinitely complex, and the talk of the industry. Programmatic I/O is the conference for leaders in the programmatic space, and it truly was an honor to present.

During our session, Chris and I highlighted our client-agency and client-technology partnership. When it comes to cutting-edge digital marketing, great partnerships truly mean everything. It was fun presenting our strong partnership, areas of collaboration, and results!

I wanted to take this opportunity to truly thank John Ebbert, AdExchanger, and the Programmatic I/O team. Hosted at the historic Westin St. Francis hotel, I have some fun pictures from the event below.

Programmatic IO

Programmatic IO Speaking

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Speaking At The Marin Software All Hands Meeting

Mar. 04

If you’ve been reading PPC Ian for a while, you know that I’m a tremendous fan of Marin Software. Marin Software is an incredible digital marketing platform for enterprise-level marketing professionals, teams, and agencies. Continuing their rapid trajectory of growth and success, Marin just acquired social media platform Social Moov.

Ian Lopuch and David Yovanno

As a long-time client and enthusiast, I recently had the incredible honor of presenting at Marin Software’s all hands meeting. Presenting at their headquarters in San Francisco, to the right is a picture of yours truly and David Yovanno, CEO of Marin Software. I cannot thank David and Marin enough for the great opportunity! It’s motivational moments like these that I truly cherish. The goal of my presentation: Thanking the entire Marin Software team for everything they do to make my life better!

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of building strong business partnerships. In the world digital marketing, we work in a truly unique space with amazing people. I view my strongest partnerships as friendships. Thanks Marin for being an amazing partner and friend!

Ian Lopuch Marin Software Presentation

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My Big YPO Keynote Presentation

Apr. 11

This past Wednesday, I had the immense honor of being the keynote speaker at the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Wisconsin Chapter meeting. This particular meeting was all about Internet Marketing, and getting businesses excited about opportunities in digital. YPO is an esteemed group since I was speaking directly to the Presidents of extremely successful businesses. I wrote back in my 2014 goals that public speaking was at the top of my list, and had this particular event in mind when writing that goal, since this event has been many months in the making. I’m really excited that this opportunity worked out so well, it was a true honor! Today, I wanted to share a bit about the event and what I personally learned.

It’s All About Your Network

Ian Lopuch YPO Speaking Event

Ian Lopuch Speaking At YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization)

This event came to me, from my good friends at Rocket Clicks Digital Marketing Agency. I have been great friends with Rocket Clicks for a number of years now. I see them at nearly every digital marketing conference, and we stay in close touch. They have been loyal friends and supporters, and an all-around amazing team. They are true values-driven business professionals. (If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, I highly recommend checking out Rocket Clicks.)

Back in 2013, I got a call from my good friend Nicole (VP of Operations at Rocket Clicks) and couldn’t believe the opportunity that was coming my way: An all-expenses-paid trip to Wisconsin and an opportunity to keynote YPO. I’m in! Honestly, I was (and still am) humbled that Nicole and the Rocket Clicks team thought of me. I try to be a good guy, a values-driven business professional who helps others whenever possible. I feel like this opportunity was a reflection of the luck that comes when you help others, and my strong network with the best-of-the-best in our industry.

Lesson: Always help others and invest in your network. Especially invest in good people like the Rocket Clicks team.

It’s All About Preparation

Rocket Clicks Dinner

Dinner With My Good Friends From Rocket Clicks

A 45-minute keynote presentation is no joke. As a busy customer acquisition professional, I have extremely limited free time. How did I prepare? Nights and weekends! Honestly, I left most of it until the last weekend and then worked super hard to pull it all together. I took advantage of a surge in energy and basically completed my presentation in one (long) sitting. After preparing my presentation, I felt a great sense of relief. My deck is great, I have speaker’s notes on each slide so I can easily remember all points, and now all I have to do is deliver.

Lesson: Always prepare early. Time spent ahead of time will truly set your mind at ease. Take advantage of surges in energy to get it done!

My Presentation and The Event

What happens at YPO stays at YPO. It’s an open and trusting forum for collaboration, and I owe it to everyone to uphold that trust. I’m not going to blog about the specifics, other than the fact that everything went incredibly well. Everyone was so kind, the questions were great, and my preparation paid off. I’m truly proud of this presentation and accomplishment, and look forward to future opportunities with YPO and Rocket Clicks.

Spending Time With Rocket Clicks

Speaking At YPO Wisconsin Event

PPC Ian Speaking At The YPO Wisconsin Event

While my YPO keynote speaking opportunity was amazing, I had just as much fun meeting up with my good friends from Rocket Clicks. We had multiple gourmet dinners (Wisconsin has amazing food), caught up, and I even got a tour of the Rocket Clicks office the day following the conference. The highlights of my tour:

  1. Meeting the amazing Rocket Clicks team. I don’t know how to describe it, but they are truly unique, in a values and goodness way. I don’t think I’ve run across a nicer group in my career. There is nothing more important in business and life than values, honesty, and kindness.
  2. Meeting 1:1 with Jeff Hughes, the CEO of Biz Lab (the parent company of Rocket Clicks).
  3. Sitting in on a very special meeting at Rocket Clicks that truly impacted me and my overall perspective.

Rocket Clicks, I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, kindness, friendship, and generosity. You have a friend and supporter for life. Special thank you to: Jeff, Nicole, Matt, Liz, Amanda, and Chris. You truly made this event memorable.

Lesson: Cherish those friends who truly care. It’s all about the people! Gravitate toward good, honest, kind people. Go out of your way to help out good people.

PS Other Random Lessons

  1. Southwest offers the only nonstop flight from SFO to MKE, to the best of my knowledge. How pleasant to have a direct flight on the way there.
  2. Wisconsin is really cool, and the people are incredibly friendly.
  3. Silicon Valley could stand to learn a lot from Wisconsin.

I’m In The Acquisio 14 On ’14

Dec. 16

I’m excited! My good friends at Acquisio just published the must-have eBook of 2013/2014. Their free eBook called 14 On ’14 highlights 2014 digital marketing predictions from leaders in our industry. I’m especially passionate about this particular eBook because I’m one of the 14 in the eBook. (Thanks, Acquisio, for the amazing opportunity and honor.)

Are you planning for 2014 right now? Trying to determine the best strategies to grow your digital marketing in the new year? Look no further than Acquisio’s 14 on ’14. It’s a great collection of thoughts, predictions, and insights. It’s easy: Simply click the following banner for your free copy, and see what I (and 13 other digital marketing professionals) foresee in 2014!

Acquisio 14 On '14

Image of 14 On ’14 © Acquisio

I Have A Top 1% LinkedIn Profile

Feb. 10

When it comes to building your career in online marketing, LinkedIn is a truly invaluable resource. I have taken LinkedIn seriously from the early days of my career and it has paid large dividends. I have received job opportunities, forged connections, and built a network I’m truly proud of. For all these reasons and more, I was thrilled to receive last week an email from LinkedIn saying my profile is in their top 1% in terms of views for 2012 (check out the screenshot below). Thanks, LinkedIn, for the email. (As a side note: I think this is great marketing. Why not send emails from time to time commemorating milestones – 200 million users for LinkedIn – and thanking their most active members?)

So, what’s new for me on LinkedIn? These days, I’m having a blast with LinkedIn Skill Endorsements. When I originally wrote the post just referenced, my top skill was PPC with 6 endorsements. Now, my top skill is SEM with 43 endorsements. I have found that skill endorsements are all about user adoption. The more people you endorse, the more endorsements you will get!

I’m always interested in forging connections with new professionals in the online marketing industry. Thanks for reading PPC Ian and please make sure to Connect With Me on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Top 1 Percent