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Aug. 21

From time to time, I enjoy running contests on PPC Ian to reward you – my loyal readers! You may recall back in 2010, I ran a blog commenting contest. (Make sure to check out the top commentators.) Earlier this year, I ran a Keyword Winner 2.0 contest. (You’ll definitely want to check out PPC Ian readers who are now using Keyword Winner just like me.) Most recently, I purchased Zac Johnson’s Flip This Website eBook and couldn’t put it down. It’s one of the best eBooks of 2011, in my opinion. As such, I decided to run a little contest. Since I knew many fans of PPC Ian would be buying this eBook anyways, I decided to feature and review PPC Ian fans who purchased Zac’s eBook via my affiliate link (during the month of July). Today I’m thrilled to feature and review the two winners of my contest.

PPC Ian Reader #1:


This first review is easy. As you may know, I’m a huge fan of domain names (I own hundreds of them) and dot co. Site number one is is an amazing blog all about domain names. Nima Jacob Nojoumi, the author of the blog, is my personal friend and a leading authority within the domain name industry.

I recommend starting out by reading the about me page on You will quickly see that Nima Jacob Nojoumi is really legit. I’m most impressed by the fact that he was promoted six times at one of the leading Internet companies around and also that he owns his own business, Venture Media, LLC. Venture Media owns premium domain names and also physical real estate properties as well – sweet. is full of value. While the blog is focused on domain names, there’s also an excellent mix of general Internet marketing posts as well. Some of my favorite posts include: Google Algorithm Change, Overcoming Complacency, and Domain Appraisals. Domain names (especially developed ones that drive cash flow) are one of the best investments around, in my opinion. Check out today to learn more!

PPC Ian Reader #2:

Global One

Site number two is Global One Technology. I am really impressed with Global One Technology. They are a leading seller of HP Server Parts, have been in business since 2003, and have over 12,000 customers. As you can see from their about us page, Global One does business in all 50 states, and over 70 countries on six continents – that’s quite the impressive operation.

In terms of specific products, Global One Technology offers HP Server Hard Drives, HP Server Memory, HP Server Processor Kits, and so much more. Literally Global One Technology Offers any HP Server part you could ever want. To make sure your order goes perfectly, Global Technology One offers live chat and also an impressive help center.

I’m a huge fan of social media so I was particularly excited to see Global One Technology on both LinkedIn and YouTube. Check out Global One’s LinkedIn and Global One’s YouTube today. If you’re ever in need of server parts for HP servers, you now know where to go!

So, there you have it. Two new awesome websites to check out. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for future contests and promotions. I’m always looking for ways to reward loyal PPC Ian readers. Thanks for your support!

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Keyword Winner 2.0 Contest Winners

Apr. 19

I’m a huge fan of Dan Lew’s Keyword Winner version 2.0. Now that I’m leveraging this amazing SEO plugin, I can’t imagine blogging without it. Keyword Winner helps me optimize the titles of all my blog posts for SEO success. In addition to Keyword Winner, I’m a huge fan of my readers. Without all of you, PPC Ian would not be the blog it is today. That’s why I decided to run a neat little promotion for Keyword Winner. Basically, if you purchased Keyword Winner 2.0 in the month of March, 2011 via my affiliate link, I pledged to review your blog. Quite a few people ended up purchasing Keyword Winner 2.0 via my link (thank you) and today I’m excited to review the three sites that contacted me about the free review opportunity!

Great Site #1: Mintek


First up today is Mintek, an awesome 25+ employee company that provides mobile data solutions for customers across a plethora of industries. Mintek empowers its clients by providing access to customer, employee, and asset information well beyond the traditional office. As someone in the online marketing industry, I’m always looking for more leverage via advanced tools and software. As such, I can totally relate to Mintek’s mission of adding substantial value to clients via advanced mobile software solutions. Also, as someone who really believes in the power and future of mobile advertising, I can totally relate to Mintek on that level as well.

I’m impressed with Mintek’s website and suite of solutions. In particular, I recommend checking out their warehouse management, customer relationship management, and asset management solutions. Additionally, Mintek just launched a brand new blog. They definitely have a great website that is helpful to current and prospective customers. Thanks Mintek, and great site!

Great Site #2: CountingPips


Second up today is CountingPips, an awesome website about Forex Trading. I’m an investor at heart. When I’m not working on my online marketing campaigns, I’m focused on investing in the stock market. In fact, I’m actively funneling my online marketing profits into the right investments (make sure to check out my get rich money map). As a result of my passion, I had a total blast checking out CountingPips!

CountingPips is a very comprehensive website that offers Forex articles, a Forex blog, a Forex directory, Forex videos, and so much more. In short, this site is the Forex investor’s dream come true. I really like their strategy of offering Forex videos as I’m a huge fan of video and have really been focusing on uploading great videos to my portfolio of websites this year. CountingPips, thanks so much!

Great Site #3: Hacking My Body

Last, but definitely not least, is Hacking My Body by my friend Matt Ringstad. Matt is a frequent commentator here on PPC Ian and I am truly grateful. Currently, Matt’s site is under construction and it’s going to be big! Some exciting facts about Matt’s forthcoming website.

Hacking My Body, based on My 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, is a blog all about Matt’s personal journey towards physical fitness. On Christmas Eve, 2010 Matt had an unfortunate snowboarding accident where he broke his leg while snowboarding with his two boys. It was a difficult time for Matt and his family. Now that Matt’s in recovery mode, he has really committed to his physical health and balance for the long term. In Matt’s own words: "I look at this site as a way for me to share my personal journey towards a more balanced physical and mental state with a long-term commitment to myself and to my family. It’s a wake-up call on life."

Wow, that is awesome, I’m inspired! I’m a huge fan of physical fitness and can tell you right now that I’m going to be a frequent reader of Matt’s new blog. Matt, thank you so much!

So there you have it! The three winners of my Keyword Winner contest, three loyal PPC Ian fans. Want to check out more great sites? I recommend checking out my post about three amazing blogs you need to visit, the winners of my blog commentating contest (from 2010). Also, you may want to check out my favorite online marketing blogs.

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Three Amazing Blogs You Need To Visit

Jul. 07

So I’m a huge fan of blog commenting. As a result, I decided to run a blog commenting contest. The contest was extremely successful and I announced the winners a few days ago. Today, I’m super excited to review the three winners: Profit Addiction, Dino Vedo, and My 4 Hour Work Week!

Profit Addiction – When revenue is not enough

Profit Addiction

I’m going to start out by reviewing Profit Addiction, the winner of my contest with an astounding 48 comments in just two short weeks! It’s no surprise that Profit Addiction won because my blog commenting strategy was originally inspired by this blog. Jeremy, the owner of Profit Addiction, is a blog commenting king. His comments started showing up everywhere and I certainly took notice.

I’m really happy to see Profit Addiction win my contest because I have been a long time fan and commentor on this blog. Jeremy’s tag line really says it all: "When revenue is not enough". I always hear about both affiliates and companies making a lot of money. However, a lot of the time, these people are talking about revenue and not dollar margin (also known as profit). Jeremy gets it right: It’s all about profit and revenue isn’t enough.

So why am I such a fan of Jeremy’s blog? Easy! Profit Addiction offers amazing case studies where he really goes into detail. Many blogs these days focus on the high level. Just think about it: If you had a winning strategy, would you share it? Not everyone would, and that’s ok! Profit Addiction, however, takes a very different approach. Jeremy goes into amazing detail about his personal online marketing tests.

As you may know from my recent review of Johnathan Volk’s Facebook Ads Guide, I’m a huge fan of advertising on Facebook. Jeremy is an expert when it comes to Facebook and provides some serious value on this topic. A few of my favorite posts about Facebook Ads on Profit Addiction:

One of the other reasons I like Profit Addiction: Jeremy really gets it when it comes to the high level attitude and strategy stuff. PPC Ian is all about corporate PPC. Interestingly, while Profit Addiction is more of an affiliate marketing blog, many of Jeremy’s posts really hit home when it comes to the corporate world. Some of my favorites: What’s Your Strategy? and Numbers Don’t Lie. I strongly encourage you to visit Profit Addiction, you won’t be disappointed!

Dino Vedo – A Young Entrepreneur Turned Millionaire

Dino Vedo

Dino Vedo, the runner up in my blog commenting contest, delivered a very respectful 26 comments! Just like Profit Addiction, Dino Vedo sports an awesome tag line: "A Young Entrepreneur Turned Millionaire". Now, if I’m trying to learn about online marketing, who am I going to listen to? Well, a millionaire certainly sounds like a great starting point!

Just like Jeremy from Profit Addiction, I have seen Dino Vedo commenting all over the Internet. For that reason alone, he gets instant points in my book. Dino obviously knows what it takes to build relationships in the online marketing community to drive volume to his blog. Recently, Dino Vedo has been updating his blog every single day, something else I respect and even envy. As a blogger, I know that involves a ton of work.

While I’m newer to Dino’s blog, I have quickly become a regular reader. I can definitely count on Dino Vedo for top notch online marketing articles that get me thinking. Following are a few of my recent favorites:

Dino Vedo, awesome work on both your blog and your comments on my blog! Everyone, make sure to check out Dino Vedo’s blog!

My 4 Hour Work Week – Passive Income & Lifestyle Design

My 4 Hour Work Week

I’m a huge fan of passive income. I love dividend-paying stocks. I love dividend-paying websites (also known as affiliate marketing). Robert Kiyosaki is my hero and I’m also a huge fan of the 4-Hour Workweek book by Timothy Ferriss. As such, I immediately became a fan of My 4 Hour Work Week, the third place winner with a solid 9 comments!

As the name implies, this site is all about building your optimal lifestyle, one filled with unlimited options. How do you have so many options, you may ask? Easy: Passive income! This blog is not associated with the official book. Rather, it’s run by Eric, a CPA at a big accounting firm. Eric discusses his personal quest to build passive income in his spare time. One of my favorite posts: Passive Income Experiments.

Whether you’re new to passive income or an old time fan, I highly encourage checking out Eric’s blog. I respect Eric very much and feel like his ambition is very relatable. In other words, it’s hard these days to find someone who is not trying to build at least a little passive income and financial freedom (via the Internet and other means) in their spare time. Make sure to follow Eric and his exciting journey! Eric, thanks for your insightful comments and congratulations! Want recommendations on even more quality blogs about online marketing? You may wish to check out my favorite online marketing blogs.

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Blog Commenting Contest Winners!

Jul. 01

Today is the day you all have been waiting for: I’m about to announce the winners of PPC Ian’s first ever blog commenting contest! The contest was a huge success with the top three commentors generating 83 insightful comments. That’s quite amazing considering my blog has a grand total of 351 comments since its launch in October, 2009 (including my own comments as well)! In just two short weeks, I was able to leverage a simple contest to rapidly accelerate my comments and take my user engagement to the next level. The takeaway: A blog commenting contest is a great way to drive your blog to the next level.

The Purpose of My Blog Commenting Contest


Why did I run this contest? It’s simple: Comments are the most interesting part of blog posts (at least in my opinion). Posts without comments simply aren’t as interesting. Moreover, comments tell both humans and search engines that your blog is good and worthy of traffic. If it weren’t interesting, there wouldn’t be any exciting comments. In short, I ran the content to increase user engagement while drawing in new PPC Ian readers. It definitely worked!

You may recall that I linked to 10 posts in the contest that previously had 0 comments. I’m now pleased to announce that all of these posts have comments. Excitingly, my post about leverage and my post about eBay’s quality click pricing each have 10 comments now!

Contest Winners: Profit Addiction, Dino Vedo, and My 4 Hour Workweek

Without further ado Here are the winners:

  1. Jeremy from Profit Addiction – 48 comments
  2. Dino Vedo from Dino Vedo – 26 comments
  3. Eric from My 4 Hour Workweek – 9 comments

Jeremy, Dino, and Eric, I sincerely thank you for your comments! I learned a huge amount from your insightful comments and questions. It’s really quite funny: Jeremy from Profit Addiction originally inspired my blog commenting strategy. This strategy received a ton of interest, became one of the most popular posts on my blog, and even got featured on Jonathan Volk’s Week In Review. My blog commenting strategy in turn inspired my blog commenting contest. Coming full circle, it’s absolutely no surprise at all that Jeremy won the competition, he inspired my original strategy after all.

As promised, I will be reviewing the blogs of the three distinguished winners (Profit Addiction, Dino Vedo, and My 4 Hour Workweek) in my next post. One thing is for sure: All three of the winners are expert commentors and have incredible blogs. I have been frequenting all three and can’t wait to review them! Stay tuned…

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PPC Ian Wins A Cool Bing T-Shirt

Jun. 21

Hey Everyone,
Today I wanted to highlight my cool new Bing t-shirt (see picture below). A few weeks ago, I noticed that @bing was running a Free T-Shirt Friday contest on Twitter. They simply asked folks to message @bing with a description of their search activities on Bing, specifically how people were using Bing to plan their weekend. At the time, I was searching on Bing for cool new online marketing blogs to learn some new pay per click strategies. I’m thrilled that I won the t-shirt and it’s really great quality. I’m a huge fan of the upcoming Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance and an overall huge fan of Bing. Bing team, thanks for the free t-shirt!

All the best,
PPC Ian (Ian Lopuch)

P.S. My blog commenting contest is going extremely well, but it’s not too late to enter! You still have over a week left to win a free review of your blog or website here on PPC Ian. To everyone who has participated so far, I sincerely thank you for your support.

P.P.S. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about Jonathan Volk’s Facebook Ads Guide. It’s not too late to pick up your copy. Start implementing Jonathan’s proprietary strategies now before they become commonplace!

P.P.P.S. I’ve been winning a lot of stuff lately! Check out John Chow’s latest episode of Dot Com Pho and you can see yours truly winning a pack of Entrepreneur Heroes trading cards live on Dot Com Pho. Scroll down on that post and you can see my blog commenting strategy hard at work. It’s blog commenting like this that has put PPC Ian on John Chow’s top commentors and propelled my traffic to new levels.

PPC Ian Wearing Bing T-Shirt

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