My Favorite Digital Marketing Career Tips

Oct. 19

I’m a huge fan of the digital marketing career path and have been truly lucky over the last ten-plus years. I’ve grown all the way from SEM Coordinator at a startup to Vice President, Customer Acquisition at a large, publicly-traded company. And, I’ve had the true honor of helping many others build long-lasting, thriving careers in digital marketing too.

Career Development

When my good friends at Acquisio offered me the opportunity to guest post on their amazing blog, I just had to write all about my top lessons learned from a career standpoint. Check it out: Digital Marketing Career Lessons Learned. In my guest post, I went all out! It’s a really long post, packed with tips. I’m always learning and growing. The tips in this post are those that are top-of-mind right now, and I hope they help in building your career.

While you’re over at Acquisio, I highly recommend subscribing to their blog and checking out their performance marketing platform. Their blog and technology are among the best in our industry.

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Acquisio Gives Back To The Kids

Sep. 28

I’m a tremendous fan of the digital marketing career path. Those of us who work hard in digital marketing are able to build truly exciting and rewarding careers. I’m also a tremendous fan of giving back. When you have built a rewarding career, you’re in the driver’s seat to give back. Nicole and I recently participated in (and donated money to) the 20th Annual Lupus 5k, for example.

Today, I wanted to highlight a company that has truly gone above-and-beyond, Acquisio. Each year, my good friend Marc Poirier, Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development, participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation 48-Hour Ride. This year, Marc personally raised $10,945. In total, Acquisio raised $37,702. Simply amazing!

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Marc and the entire Acquisio team. They are true leaders in our industry from a technology standpoint, and also a generosity standpoint. Their hard work will truly make a difference for the kids. Do you have any team charity events planned? No matter how big or small, no matter whether you are donating money or your time, every little bit counts! And, it’s a great vehicle for team building!

If you’d like to contribute to Marc Poirier’s Make-A-Wish campaign, you can still do so! I was actually a little bit late this time, and my donation went through just fine. Please consider donating to Make-A-Wish, make a difference in a kid’s life today!


Acquisio Bing Ads Promotion Ends Soon (7/31)

Jul. 27

I’m a huge fan of diversification. Whether we’re talking about investments, digital marketing, or life in general, it’s all about diversifying away risk. Are you newer to digital marketing? Do you allocate all of your digital marketing budget to Google AdWords? This is how most people start, and makes total sense. However, as your business grows (or even if you’re in a happy steady state and are looking to lower risk), you may want to consider branching out beyond Google. The best place to start, in my opinion: Bing Ads, the platform that powers Yahoo! and Bing.

Today, I want to feature a special promotion from my good friends at Acquisio, a leading performance marketing platform. I have been great friends with the Acquisio team for a number of years. They are amazing and offer one of the best digital marketing technologies around. Acquisio is leveraged by advanced marketing operations, and is the platform of choice for digital marketing agencies. Also, they offer client services from industry experts. Combining a solid technology platform plus seasoned digital marketing client services support is the winning combination for success in today’s complex online marketing landscape.

Like yours truly, Acquisio believes in the power of diversification. They are confident that Bing Ads is a great opportunity for digital marketers. In fact, they are so confident that they are offering up to $2,500 Bing Ads free advertising. Make sure to head on over to Acqusio to learn more and, if interested, move quickly. This particular opportunity ends July 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.

Here’s why I’m such a fan of this particular promotion:

  • Bing Ads works! I have been a long-time advertiser on Bing Ads and its predecessors (such as Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Overture) since the early 2000s.
  • In many verticals, Bing Ads tends to be less competitive than Google. (True, search volume is lower on Bing Ads, however the lower level of competition makes it easy to drive high quality traffic to your business.)
  • Just like Google, Bing Ads offers world-class technology and support. They have a great desktop editor application, cutting-edge features, and a super support team (powered by Yahoo!).
  • Acquisio is an amazing technology platform and company. I have learned so much from them over the years (via their speaking at industry conferences, personal friendships, and their industry-leading whitepapers and eBooks). Aside from the free money, this is simply a great opportunity to work with very smart people in building your Bing strategy. The value you extract from this opportunity should far exceed the simple monetary benefit.
  • Have you been considering Acquisio as the platform of choice to power your digital marketing operations? This is a great time to audition their platform while taking advantage of a sweet deal.
  • Every dollar helps. I’m a very frugal digital marketer. I drive the best possible results with the lowest possible spend. I’m scrappy. I have found that the scrappy, frugal approach works wonders for any business. I very rarely pass by free money, and here’s your opportunity to get some free money. You have to spend money to get the free credit (check out Acquisio for more info on the details), but free money is free money. And, if you wanted to test Bing anyways, why not get free money and special support from an incredibly successful platform and client services team?
  • It’s all about testing and diversification. If you’re not on Bing Ads, you really should be, in my opinion. Leverage this opportunity to diversify your digital marketing mix.

Thanks, Acquisio, for sharing such a special deal!

Acquisio Bing Promotion

This promotion is being run by Acquisio. Restrictions may apply. Please make sure you check out Acquisio’s website (and contact them) to learn the full details.
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I’m In The Acquisio 14 On ’14

Dec. 16

I’m excited! My good friends at Acquisio just published the must-have eBook of 2013/2014. Their free eBook called 14 On ’14 highlights 2014 digital marketing predictions from leaders in our industry. I’m especially passionate about this particular eBook because I’m one of the 14 in the eBook. (Thanks, Acquisio, for the amazing opportunity and honor.)

Are you planning for 2014 right now? Trying to determine the best strategies to grow your digital marketing in the new year? Look no further than Acquisio’s 14 on ’14. It’s a great collection of thoughts, predictions, and insights. It’s easy: Simply click the following banner for your free copy, and see what I (and 13 other digital marketing professionals) foresee in 2014!

Acquisio 14 On '14

Image of 14 On ’14 © Acquisio

Advanced SEM Trademark Strategies

Jan. 15

I just wrote a guest post called Advanced Trademark Strategies For Large AdWords Advertisers on Acquisio’s blog. What is Acquisio? It’s the performance marketing platform of choice for large online advertising agencies.

Acquisio Guest Post

When presented with the great opportunity to write a guest post, I opted to go with a highly tactical post for large online advertisers. Upon brainstorming a few topics, I narrowed in on trademarks, specifically your own brand name. When you’re a large advertiser, your own brand name is often one of your most profitable and important keywords. With such profitability and scale comes a ton of responsibility. Despite its importance, however, I feel like brand names are often placed on a “set it and forget it” mode. My post is meant to spark some creativity and excitement in taking your own brand name campaigns to the next level. Complete with 5 advanced tips, I encourage you to head on over to Acquisio’s blog today and check out my guest post. I put a lot of effort into this guest post, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, make sure to arrange a free demo today with Acquisio. They offer one of the most amazing SEM platforms around and are the platform of choice for SEM agencies. Thanks, Acquisio, for the opportunity to guest post!

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