Check Out My Guest Post At AdMedia

Dec. 15

I’ve had a blast lately contributing guest posts to some of the best digital advertising blogs around. In my last post, I highlighted a cool AdLift Guest Post. Today, I’m thrilled to share another…

I’m great friends with the AdMedia team. AdMedia is one of the best ad networks around. They also happen to have an incredible blog. When they presented the opportunity of contributing a guest post, I brainstormed topics that would be relevant not only to the digital marketing professional but also specifically to someone considering advertising on AdMedia and other ad networks. In an industry that’s incredibly focused on the big three (which, of course, makes complete sense), I decided to write a post about Diversifying Beyond Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and Facebook.

I absolutely love Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and Facebook. They are to the digital media portfolio what large cap blue chip stocks are to the investment portfolio. The cornerstone of any great investment portfolio (or digital marketing portfolio) is diversification. What about the mid cap and small cap equivalents within digital marketing?

There exists great opportunity for the savvy marketer to diversify and add to the big three with complementary media sources. Manage your digital marketing program like a well-diversified portfolio of investments, and you will find new levels of consistency and efficiency. I hope you enjoy my post!

Diversifying Beyond Google, Yahoo/Bing!, and Facebook

Image of guest post © AdMedia

Fun Times At The Yahoo! Sunnyvale Headquarters

Mar. 02

On Friday, I had the pleasure and honor of visiting the main Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale. Check out the picture below of yours truly and Justin, the absolute best Senior Account Manager ever. (Justin just wrote this great post on the Yahoo! Advertising Solutions Blog about expanding your keyword list – make sure to check it out!) Being Yahoo!’s 18th birthday, we picked an amazing day to visit Yahoo!

When we arrived, the guard at the front gate directed us to special VIP parking right up front that was blocked off with cones. Talk about feeling like a celebrity! Next, Justin headed down and greeted us. We went up to the Yodel conference room. Honestly, I cannot believe what I saw there! Our company logo was all over the place! I’m talking about on a sign in front of the door, above the massive TV monitor, etched onto the window, even on the name placards where we were to sit. The room had all the beverages and snacks one could want. The Yahoo! purple was all over the place, even down to the delicious Yahoo! chocolates. It even had some really great gifts! I have never experienced anything like this before. Sure, SEM is an industry where large advertisers are treated really well. However, this experience takes it to a whole new level. Wow, Yahoo! thanks for treating us so well, you are the best!

At this point we were so pumped up that the strategy session was unparalleled. At least 50 actionable ideas were generated. We had senior leaders from Yahoo! stopping by. It truly was a meeting made of greatness. SEM is all about energy and energy is what drove our meeting.

After our strategy session, we headed downstairs to the URLs cafe. I was blown away. The steak teriyaki dish was among the best I have ever hard. This place was pure heaven. After lunch, we went upstairs for more strategy, and then a trip to the Yahoo! store on the way out.

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few important things:

  • Yahoo! absolutely rules. I love Yahoo! and am so excited for their 18th birthday!
  • The Yahoo! account management organization is among the best I have ever worked with. They are so strong. I’m especially impressed with their actionable, tactical tips and overwhelming energy in helping clients implement and enjoy the benefits of those strategies.
  • Yahoo!’s campus is amazing. The food is among the best I have had in any cafeteria. If you are considering a career in online advertising, I highly recommend looking into opportunities at Yahoo! because they already rule and are also expanding fast.

Justin and team, thank you so much for the best Friday ever!

Ian and Justin Yahoo

Image of PPC Ian and Justin ©

Are You Ready For Google Enhanced Campaigns?

Feb. 20

Recently, Google AdWords announced the largest update to AdWords in recent history: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. The pay per click blogosphere has been buzzing with posts about Enhanced Campaigns. Some bloggers love Enhanced Campaigns and others are a bit more skeptical.

When my good friends at AdMedia presented the opportunity to write a guest post, I immediately decided to post about Enhanced Campaigns. I decided to take a unique approach and provide tips about “Getting Started”. Enhanced Campaigns provide a unique opportunity for search marketers and right now is the time to prepare for the change. Head on over to AdMedia’s blog and read my post today – Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Getting Started. AdMedia has a truly awesome blog and it’s my honor to guest post. Thanks AdMedia for the opportunity!


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I’m Seeing New Gmail Message Ads

Dec. 04

Google is always innovating. I’ve been super excited lately about the entire Google advertising ecosystem: Google AdWords, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, Gmail, and Google+. All of Google’s products are intertwined. Because of the reach of the Google ecosystem, there is truly power in a holistic online marketing approach. I recommend maximizing your business presence on each and every one of Google’s products. Today, I’m excited to highlight some awesome new Gmail message ads.

Gmail Message Ad

Check out the image ad to the right. I have been seeing this State Farm ad each time I log into Gmail. It shows up above the standard Gmail text-based ads we are all so used to seeing. When you click the State Farm banner, it opens a Gmail “message” with State Farm’s offer (see screenshot below). It’s sort of like a mail message. Essentially, Google is allowing State Farm to sponsor a cool hybrid ad/message ad unit. I’m really impressed with these new ads because they extend far beyond the typical paid search ad. We’re talking about a lot of creative freedom here. You get to craft an entire email message. If you’re interested in testing these Gmail message ads, I recommend contacting your Google AdWords reps today. Now, if Google would open up advertising on Google+ – hopefully it’s only a matter of time!

State Farm Gmail Message Ad

Images in this post © State Farm and Google

Innovative Search Engine Election Results

Nov. 08

There’s no doubt about it: This was a really exciting week. With the 2012 election officially over, I wanted to do a recap of the event, searching engine marketing style. In addition to following the election, I was also following how search engines kept us all up-to-date on the election progress. Below, you will see three screenshots. They show the search results for the keyword “election”. As you can see, all three engines, especially Google and Yahoo, did an amazing job displaying the election results in rich format.

I’m the biggest proponent of ad extensions around. I’m talking about extensions like sitelinks, call extensions, social extensions, and more. All of these extensions make the user experience better. They offer more ways to reach and dazzle your target audience. I view these custom “election” results (within organic search) as ad extension-like functionality. Organic search is not just about traditional text-based search results anymore. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are now offering new ways of viewing data. They are not just offering links, they are offering answers. I hope you enjoy the screenshots below: Way to go Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Aside from the 2012 election, have you seen any other neat examples of search engines providing a rich organic search experience?

Google Election Results

Yahoo Election Results

Bing Election Results

Images in this post © Google, Yahoo, and Bing