Running Is Clarity

Aug. 25

If you’ve been reading PPC Ian for a while, you probably know that I enjoy running. You’ll find me running a good 10-12 miles per week. From time-to-time, I enjoy participating in 5K charity races (I’ve even done a 10K and half marathon too). I’m not very fast, but I sure have endurance. More than anything, I enjoy running after a long day of work. For the busy business professional with a demanding schedule and hectic life, running brings clarity.

RunnersI’m here to encourage you to get out there and run! Do you find yourself so busy at work that it’s difficult to take a step back and think strategy? I’m not talking about business strategy here. I’m talking about your life. I’m talking about your future. I’m talking about building your dream life. Thinking about your future requires clarity. It requires slowing everything down. Running brings that clarity and slows the world down.

Some other reasons I recommend running:

  • You get to listen to your favorite music while running, as loud as you’d like! And, you know PPC Ian enjoys bumping that rap music while running (and blogging).
  • Running is an investment in your health, and there is nothing more important than your health. Your health is your longevity. Your health is your energy. Your health is your ticket to living a long life, providing for your family, and getting the most out of your workday.
  • Running helps you sleep better at night. After a long run, I’m so exhausted that I cannot wait to get a solid night’s sleep. Most of us digital marketing professionals probably don’t have problems sleeping anyways (since we work such long hours) but the extra solid sleep is definitely nice.
  • Running is a sport for winners. I cannot tell you how many awesome, amazing people I have encountered at various charity races. Running brings out the best of the best, the real leaders and positive winners.
  • Running is something you can do almost anywhere: Before work, after work, on vacation, during business travel. Running is almost always possible.
  • Running eliminates stress. Difficult workday? Get out there and run your stress away.

Next time you are looking to slow things down and experience clarity, get out there and run as fast and as far as you can!

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Associate With Great People

Aug. 17

Who do you associate with? Is your inner circle uplifting your life and career? Are they pushing you forward and challenging your mind? If your answer is “yes”, you are on a great path. Associating with great people, and great digital marketers, will push your own potential to the maximum.

However, what if that is not the case? What if you’ve got a few bad apples around? They could be in your business/professional life or personal life. If you’re not associating with great people, your progress could be stagnated or, even worse, reversed. While most professionals in digital marketing are great, I have run across a few bad apples over the years.

Today, I’m thrilled to share some tips on how to Associate With Great Digital Marketers. To read my tips, you’ll want to click the previous link and head on over to my friends at 3Q Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies around. If you’ve been a PPC Ian reader for a while, you may know that I have the honor of guest posting over at 3Q Digital from time-to-time. I’m a tremendous fan of 3Q Digital and hope you enjoy reading today’s guest post. Above and beyond the world of digital marketing, I hope today’s tips help provide food for thought around your overall business and life strategy!

3Q Digital Guest Post Associate Great People

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I Ran In the 20th Annual Lupus 5K

Jun. 16

Just over a week ago, Nicole and I participated in the 20th Annual 5K Run and Walk For Lupus. Benefiting the Lupus Foundation of Northern California, this great event made an impact on those in need. It was our honor to participate in this particular event for the third time! Here’s a fun photo of PPC Ian after completing the 5K race:

PPC Ian Lupus 5K Run

Each year, the Lupus 5K is held West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. I particularly enjoy this event because of the beautiful setting, in the foothills of Saratoga. It’s a great course with rolling hills and plenty of nature/scenery.

For those who have been following me for a while, you may know that I’m into running quite a bit these days. I’m not a particularly fast runner, but I’m great with long distance and consistency. It’s such a great way to get in shape, clear your mind, and have some time to think. I have found that my running has increased my overall focus and energy. It’s amazing the business and life insights that hit you while running!

It’s equally fun to leverage running as a way to rally behind an important cause. These events are so much fun because they always bring together a top-notch community of winners. Busy professional who’s also looking to stay in shape and give back? Definitely consider some local charity runs this summer! Just remember to stay hydrated and practice.

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London and Paris, A Vacation To Remember

Jun. 08

Recently, Nicole and I visited London and Paris, truly a journey to remember. I’m so lucky. My amazing wife had a special business opportunity in London, and I just had to tag along. We turned our journey into business and pleasure by extending our time in London, and also visiting Paris. Today, I want to take a moment to share my story and takeaways from this journey. In a nutshell, I loved it, and cannot wait to go back! in fact, this trip re-ignited my passion for travel and changed my travel outlook.

Ian and Nicole Lopuch In London

I’m going to divide this blog post into three sections:

  1. Our Time in London Before Adobe Summit (pleasure/holiday)
  2. Adobe Summit EMEA (business)
  3. Our Time in Paris After Adobe Summit (pleasure/holiday)

Also, you will find pictures throughout the post with a lot of them at the end. Thanks for reading!

Our Time In London

Let me start by saying I can take no credit for this trip. Nicole is the travel/Europe expert between the two of us. She booked everything, and crafted a vacation to remember. I am truly a lucky husband, I hit the jackpot! My half of the bargain: I’m taking us to Hawaii this summer.

Some highlights:

Barbacoa London

When we first arrived at London Heathrow, we took the Paddington Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station. I truly love the trains and public transportation in Europe, and thought the Paddington Express was first class. At Paddington Station, we picked up some neat Paddington Bear stuff. Paddington Bear is the coolest!

We then took a taxi to our hotel, Marriott Grosvenor Square. All I can say is, "Wow!" Definitely the nicest Marriott I have ever stayed in, and one of the nicest hotels overall that I have experienced. The location, amenities, culture, and overall vibe earns Marriott Grosvenor Square 5 stars in my book! Here’s the crazy thing: Everyone kept telling me, "Don’t expect the same amenities/luxuries in Europe as you’re accustomed to in the US." On this trip, the amenities exceeded my wildest expectations, thanks to Nicole booking everything top notch!

My favorite part of the overall trip was these first few "free days" in London. I learned that London is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world. I can certainly see why! We walked around Hyde Park, we went shopping at Harrods, we saw the Michael Jackson Thriller Live show, we went on a double decker bus, we shopped like crazy! As a lifelong Michael Jackson fan, the Thriller Show at Piccadilly Circus was especially fun. A group of amazing performers celebrated the life, legacy, and spirit of Michael Jackson. With so many fun shows to choose from, I hope to return soon to see another.

It’s not only about the big things, however. The small things made London special too. I’m talking about having Pret A Manger at every corner (We love you, Pret, please come to San Francisco), delighting in our daily dose of Costa Coffee, enjoying the language (English in the UK is so neat), admiring the architecture, and enjoying the people. I really enjoy gardening and respect a lush, beautiful garden. We experienced many of these in London. All of that rain (which I personally miss in the midst of our California drought) produces some truly lush gardens.

Adobe Summit EMEA

After a few wonderful days in Central London, we grabbed a taxi to Adobe Summit EMEA. This year’s Summit was at the London ExCeL Center, located near the Docklands. An interesting fact: This year’s EMEA Summit was larger than last year’s Utah Summit. Adobe, you rule!

Adobe Summit EMEA Ian and Nicole

While Nicole was working, I had the pleasure of working too. I attended Summit and learned so much about the Adobe Marketing Cloud. I’ve been fortunate to experience some truly memorable and impactful conferences lately. Everything about Adobe Summit was first class.

More than anything, I enjoyed the people, both the presenters and the Adobe employees. The global perspective had an impact on me. I especially enjoyed hearing brands such as L’OCCITANE, Danone, and Accor present. I was so impressed with the Danone presentation that I actually purchased shares in Danone upon arriving home. (Full Disclosure: Long DANOY.) These companies truly have their eyes set on the future. I was equally impressed with the hospitality and general kind nature of Adobe’s EMEA team. I met with at least five Adobe employees 1:1 and learned so much.

The last night of Summit, we went back to Central London for dinner at Barbacoa, a recommendation from one of Nicole’s colleagues who lives in London. There are no ovens at Barbacoa, everything is prepared via a wood-burning fire. I experienced the best steak of my life. The setting was second to none with amazing views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Our Time In Paris

Eiffel Tower

After Summit, we took the Eurostar train from London to Paris. I couldn’t believe it: Nearly 200 miles per hour, first class treatment via luxurious seats and a delightful meal on the train, and we’re in another country in less than two hours! Europe has it all figured out when it comes to transportation!

In Paris, Nicole booked us at K+K Hotel Cayre on St. Germain street. We had a top floor corner suite with views of the Eiffel Tower from our balcony. K+K went above and beyond. It’s a boutique hotel so you get a truly personalized level of service. The kind people at the front desk greet you by name, the breakfast buffet is amazing, the rooms cannot be matched. I give K+K my absolute top recommendation.

K+K Cayre Paris

K+K is also all about location. We walked to the Louvre, and saw the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. We walked to The Eiffel Tower and enjoyed a Smarties ice cream cone in the park while gazing up at the Tower. We walked to local French cafes and enjoyed watching people walk by.

We also enjoyed a river cruise/tour on the Seine River and shopping on the Champs Elysees. So much amazing architecture and culture in Paris, a truly remarkable city.

So there you have it: Europe vacation 2014. I brought a lot of Europe home with me: The culture, the friendships, the passion for walking and being fit/healthy, the overall global perspective. There is so much out there, and I truly cannot wait to visit again. We had an amazing vacation, and I’d truly recommend that anyone considering making the trip goes for it! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the photos below.

More Cool Pictures From Our Trip

Marriott Grosvenor Square

London Red Phone Booth

Thriller Live London

Adobe Summit PPC Ian

Adobe Summit EMEA 2014

Disclaimer: Not a licensed investment advisor. This is not investment advice. Just for entertainment purposes.
Full Disclosure: Long DANOY

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3Q Digital: My Guest Post & Their Amazing Billboard

Apr. 20

It’s the weekend! I hope you’re enjoying the nice spring weather and taking it easy. As Customer Acquisition professionals, we work so incredibly hard. It’s time to take it a little easy. That said, our market never closes. It’s just like Wall Street with no closing bell. I always enjoy catching up on reading during the weekends. Whether it’s one of my favorite personal finance blogs or the latest digital marketing whitepaper, the weekend offers a great time to learn and expand my knowledge.

Another one of my favorite weekend activities: Giving back. Whether it’s donating money to charity, running in a charity 5k, writing an informative blog post, or simply helping someone out, it’s all about giving back. The more you give, the more you get. And, it’s just the right thing to do.

Today, I wanted to share some fun weekend reading with you, my recent guest post on the 3Q Digital Blog about Great Ways Digital Marketers Can Give Back. We’re fortunate in the world of digital marketing. We’re in a position to truly help others, both in our industry and across the world. Check out some unique ways in which you can give back as a digital marketer.

Thanks for reading, and I want to leave you with one of the coolest pictures ever. Below is 3Q’s billboard on 101 right here in Silicon Valley. 3Q Digital is the Bay Area’s digital marketing agency. As a Customer Acquisition professional, I’m obsessed with both online and offline marketing. As such, I’m particularly intrigued by 3Q’s billboard strategy.

3Q Digital Billboard

Image of 3Q Digital Billboard © 3Q Digital (