How PR Can Drive Great SEO Results

Jan. 11

When it comes to building the SEO ranking of PPC Ian, I’ve been working really hard on multiple fronts. Some of my strategies include great on-page SEO, tons of in-depth blog posts, link building by getting on the blogrolls of my friends, and link building via article marketing. However, there’s one specific strategy that’s added a disproportional amount of value that I’d like to discuss today: Making a concentrated effort on PR. That’s right, I’ve established great relationships with the online marketing community. These relationships have turned into interviews and guest reviews that have provided great exposure (and inbound links) to PPC Ian.

PPC Ian In The Press

The Frager Factor

I’ve been in the press quite a bit lately! As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Epik and wrote a few posts about Epik recently including an overview of my Epik Product Portals and my Epik Development Tips. These posts got quite a few comments and started getting some major buzz in the domaining world. They provided the perfect opportunity to connect with Owen Frager from one of the most famous domaining blogs on the Internet, The Frager Factor. First Owen featured my 45 Epik Product Portals and then I Got Interviewed on The Frager Factor. The interview was a true honor. Owen Frager is one of the most famous bloggers on the Internet and his posts drove quite a few new readers to PPC Ian and also some serious SEO link juice.


I’ve also had success over the last few months with some other great PPC Ian reviews and interviews including: D3so and Dino Vedo. Excitingly, I also just interviewed Dino Vedo myself.

Also, if you’ve been reading PPC Ian for a long time, you may also know that I got featured on some other really big blogs: John Chow, Jonathan Volk, Teen Domainer, and ZK’s Web Traffic ROI.

The Two Key Benefits of The PR SEO Strategy

First and foremost, big PR hits drive substantial traffic and new readers. Each time I got featured on one of the blogs above, my RSS subscribers and eBook subscribers grew considerably. Moreover, I started getting comments from new people! In short, an strong mention on a big blog (within your industry) will drive great results. It’s said that blogs can drive even better quality traffic than paid search. It makes sense: Loyal readers will trust and follow the recommendations of bloggers.

Second, big PR hits drive link juice. We all know how important inbound links are when it comes to SEO and your blog’s ranking within search engines. When you get interviewed or reviewed on a major blog, the links within the posts add a lot of value. They are in-context links that are trusted by search engines. It makes perfect sense to me: Search engines trust sites that are well respected in their niche. How do you prove to search engines that you’re part of the community? You get quality in-context links from high profile sites in your niche.

So, How Do You Get Featured On Major Blogs?

So, you’re convinced and want to make PR a part of your personal SEO strategy. Great choice! When it comes to getting featured on top blogs, I have a few suggestions. First and foremost, you’ll want to start commenting on major blogs, and become a top commentator. You’ll want to read about my blog commenting strategy.

Second, I recommend writing great, quality posts on your blog that make others look good. When you promote products and blogs you believe in, it will often come back to you in the form of a positive review. Third, I recommend doing reciprocal guest interviews. Basically, you interview another blogger and they interview you too! It’s an easy and effective way for both of you to increase your PR and SEO. Last, I recommend building out an incredible network by going to conferences in your industry. The stronger your offline, in-person network, the more opportunities you will have to get featured online!

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