SEM Conversion Attribution Whitepaper

Nov. 04

Kenshoo has a new 16-page whitepaper and I highly recommend. It’s all about one of the most relevant and important topics within online advertising right now: conversion attribution. I read Kenshoo’s whitepaper at length this weekend, and highly recommend you download and read Conversion Attribution: Choosing The Right Model For Your Search Marketing Campaigns.

Kenshoo Conversion Attribution Whitepaper

When I started in search engine marketing, it was all about the last click. However, as the marketplace gets more competitive, consumers get increasingly savvy, and SEM technology platforms get more sophisticated, the last click model is just a basic starting point these days. Kenshoo has always been thinking about conversion models, from day one. Over the years, Kenshoo has maintained their stronghold on conversion attribution and has been a true pioneer in this field. Following are just a few of the exciting topics in Kenshoo’s whitepaper:

  • Primer and the evolution of attribution practices in digital marketing. The state of attribution has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years.
  • Common attribution models, including first-click, last-click, linear, u-shaped, time decay, and more. I learned about some new attribution models and really enjoyed this part of the whitepaper.
  • Three separate case studies, highlighting the application of attribution models. Specifically: Moving off a Single Click Model, Selecting a Prefer-last Model, and Considering a Multi-channel Approach. It’s always easiest to learn through example and I very much enjoyed these helpful case studies.

Once again, Kenshoo has put together a seriously helpful whitepaper and I hope you enjoy it!

Image of Conversion Attribution © Kenshoo

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