My Stanford Online Marketing Videos (Post 3 of 3)

Jan. 25

Today, I’m excited to complete my three part series highlighting my recent online marketing presentation at Stanford Graduate School of Business. I first recommend checking out part one and part two of this series. In this six video series, I provide a multitude of online marketing quick win tips. These are tips that will help anyone drive affordable, effective traffic to their online business. Today, I’m excited to close out the series with two videos featuring social media, email, and outsourcing tips.

Stanford GSB Online Marketing Video Five

I cover a lot of social media topics in online marketing video five. Specifically, I cover TweetAdder, overall Twitter strategies, YouTube strategies, RSS feeds (and FeedBurner in particular). Also, I discuss lead capture via email marketing and in particular the AWeber platform.

Stanford GSB Online Marketing Video Six

Video six closes out with more AWeber email marketing tips and outsourcing tips. I’m really excited to discuss one of my favorite writers on Elance (one of the golden nuggets of my presentation) and also how to leverage Fiverr, a new $5 outsourcing platform, for video testimonials among other projects. I have literally been addicted to Fiverr lately and have been getting a lot of great, affordable, and time-efficient results from this innovative platform.

Thanks again for watching my online marketing videos!

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  1. Dino says:

    Great videos and awesome youtube channel you’ve got going on now as well!

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks so much, Dino! Really appreciate it! Have been working hard on my YouTube channel and hope to do more videos in the future.
    All the best,

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