Innovative Search Engine Election Results

Nov. 08

There’s no doubt about it: This was a really exciting week. With the 2012 election officially over, I wanted to do a recap of the event, searching engine marketing style. In addition to following the election, I was also following how search engines kept us all up-to-date on the election progress. Below, you will see three screenshots. They show the search results for the keyword “election”. As you can see, all three engines, especially Google and Yahoo, did an amazing job displaying the election results in rich format.

I’m the biggest proponent of ad extensions around. I’m talking about extensions like sitelinks, call extensions, social extensions, and more. All of these extensions make the user experience better. They offer more ways to reach and dazzle your target audience. I view these custom “election” results (within organic search) as ad extension-like functionality. Organic search is not just about traditional text-based search results anymore. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are now offering new ways of viewing data. They are not just offering links, they are offering answers. I hope you enjoy the screenshots below: Way to go Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Aside from the 2012 election, have you seen any other neat examples of search engines providing a rich organic search experience?

Google Election Results

Yahoo Election Results

Bing Election Results

Images in this post © Google, Yahoo, and Bing

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  1. I think Yahoo’s is the best!
    Google’s contains more information, but it takes longer to process, Bing’s is incredibly plain and Yahoo’s is easy, yet Graphic.
    On Hallowe’en,’s home page was amazing. It was an interactive interface, with graphics and music. If you clicked on a door, it opened and a ghost, or other spooky apparition would appear, accompanied by music. There was also a cat, a dustbin, iron gates, a spider, a skeleton and various other doors. It was awesome! After the viewer had clicked a couple of times, it took you to a search page with results displayed for ”Happy Hallowe’en!”

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