Fun Times At The InsideVault Office

Feb. 23

This has been one exciting week for PPC Ian! It all started out with my exclusive Sean Marshall interview. Then, I had the honor of guest posting on AdMedia’s blog about Enhanced Campaigns. I had an absolute blast at the Marin Software Cocktail Party. Of course, I worked amazingly hard during all of this great stuff. Today’s post rounds up the week and highlights my fun visit to the InsideVault office earlier this week!

You may recall, I wrote a post a while back Introducing InsideVault. These guys are amazing! I’m personal friends with several employees at InsideVault, and I am here to say they are brilliant people and have built an amazing SEM platform!

On Tuesday night, after wrapping up an exciting and productive day at work, I drove over to the InsideVault San Carlos office. I met with Chaitanya Chandrasekar (CEO & Co-Founder), Brian Bird (Co-Founder & Head of Business Development), and Guillermo Cockrum (Business Development). I got a demo of the platform and it’s quite impressive. I was especially thrilled to see:

  • The overall speed of the platform. InsideVault is really fast. These guys are big data experts and built the platform for amazing speed.
  • InsideVault fully supports Google product listing ads. If you’re in the product shopping space, this feature is sure to help you out.
  • The platform offers an amazing level of detail. I’m talking about going beyond the keyword level: keyword + slot + network + match type + device + more! InsideVault really allows search marketers to drill down.
  • InsideVault offers reporting at the ad extension level, plus an easy interface for sitelink management.
  • So much more!

After an exciting demo, hanging out with friends, and taking pictures (see below), my good friend Guillermo and I went over to The Office for dinner. If you have not been there, I recommend it – the burgers are great. Are you in the market for an SEM automation platform? Want to take your SEM program to the next level? I highly recommend checking out InsideVault. Ask for my friend Guillermo and he can arrange a demo for you!


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Marin Software IPO and Cocktail Party

Feb. 21

I’m a huge fan of Marin Software. I’ve covered Marin Software here on PPC Ian for years! I’m really happy and excited for all my friends at Marin, just last week they filed for IPO. Marin has built so much momentum over the years, and is a truly amazing platform and company. When it comes to SEM automation platforms like Marin, I’m the biggest proponent around. Marin’s pending IPO truly puts our industry and SEM automation on the map. Want to learn more? Check out the official IPO Press Release.

Tonight, I really enjoyed Marin Software’s cocktail party at Waterbar San Francisco. This party provided a great opportunity to catch up with my friends from Marin Software while networking with other online advertisers. Check out the picture below from the party, the venue was unbeatable! Marin Software truly builds lasting relationships with their clients and partners. Thanks, Marin for an awesome time and congrats on your pending IPO!

Marin Software Waterbar

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Are You Ready For Google Enhanced Campaigns?

Feb. 20

Recently, Google AdWords announced the largest update to AdWords in recent history: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. The pay per click blogosphere has been buzzing with posts about Enhanced Campaigns. Some bloggers love Enhanced Campaigns and others are a bit more skeptical.

When my good friends at AdMedia presented the opportunity to write a guest post, I immediately decided to post about Enhanced Campaigns. I decided to take a unique approach and provide tips about “Getting Started”. Enhanced Campaigns provide a unique opportunity for search marketers and right now is the time to prepare for the change. Head on over to AdMedia’s blog and read my post today – Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Getting Started. AdMedia has a truly awesome blog and it’s my honor to guest post. Thanks AdMedia for the opportunity!


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Interview: Sean Marshall From PPC Associates

Feb. 16

Today I am truly lucky and honored to interview Sean Marshall, Senior Director of Client Services at PPC Associates. PPC Associates is Silicon Valley’s SEM Agency. They are awesome! A while back, I had the honor of interviewing their CEO and Co-Founder, David Rodnitzky. Today, I am so excited to interview Sean because his experience is truly exceptional. Joining PPC Associates as the 5th member of the client services team, Sean has enjoyed 3 years of success and is now part of a 50-member team. Without further ado, let’s jump into the interview:

Sean Marshall

Ian: Sean, thank you so much for interviewing with me. I know PPC Ian readers are going to be truly thrilled with this one.

Sean: Thanks for having me Ian.

Ian: You have built an exceptional career in paid search. How did you first get started?

Sean: I took kind of an odd route. I started my career in lead qualification with a company called Tippit in 2006 and quickly realized making 100+ calls a day wasn’t really for me. I ended up pivoting into a freelance recruiting role for them and the first position I helped them fill was that of SEM Manager. I liked the idea of recruiting as a way to explore the job landscape but half of my reqs were for SEM. The exposure to these PPC jobs and the folks we were recruiting got me thinking: hey, I should be doing that.

Ian: How has your career evolved over the years? How did you grow your career in online marketing?

Sean: Well, after getting snubbed by David at Mercantila (true story), I wound up at Webtrends working on their SEM tool. It was an account management gig but more of a hybrid services/tech/SEM role. It taught me a lot and I got exposure to all sorts of programs. In the meantime, I’d kept in touch with David and heard he was getting his agency off the ground. After about a 6 months of back and forth, he decided it was time to scale the operation and I jumped at the chance.

Ian: What’s it like at PPC Associates? What’s your favorite thing about working at PPC Associates?

Sean: I love to build things, break them, and then build them back up again. Working at PPCA gave me the chance to do that. We were a small scrappy team of 6 when I joined and no one really had agency experience. The company was founded by in-house marketers and combining that mindset with some agency experience was a winning formula. I was able to soak in all sorts of marketing knowledge, contribute things they didn’t know about and then teach it to a new wave of account managers after that.

Ian: You’re a leader at PPC Associates. What are some of the most important lessons you have learned about team leadership? Any recommendations for those just starting out in people management?

Sean: Everyone wants to get into management until they actually start managing… and realize how hard it is. The reason is pretty simple – managers put out fires. Now if your entire job is putting out fires, you should probably rethink your process but that doesn’t mean you won’t deal with tough situations. Having a thick skin and understanding that a large part of the job is managing problems and crises is key. The reward comes in creating and implementing solutions to drive continuous improvement.

Ian: What’s your favorite thing about online marketing? What part of the job do you enjoy the most?

Sean: I’’m definitely one of those guys that appreciates the quantifiable aspects of what we do. I’m a poker player and I need a way to keep score. Tracking and measurement are addicting. That said, I love that it’s still a people business. Sure you can bury your head in excel and AdWords editor but the crux of this is to understand audiences and, on the agency side, clients. The mix of math and people means things will be different every day and if you’re tired of one, you can retreat to the other any given day (just not everyday).

Ian: Any tips for PPC Ian readers looking to grow their career in online marketing?

Sean: Be patient and keep grinding. The internet never shuts off and the work never stops. You need to invest the time but make sure you’re being productive. Doing busy work just to say you worked 60 hours a week won’t accomplish anything. Take the same quantitative approach youdd bring to a marketing campaign to measure the impact your work has and use that to adjust where you spend your time.

Managing online programs can feel like running on treadmill so you need to find finish lines. If you can’t find ways to say “mission accomplished” for various projects, it just feels like you’re perpetually working and that will drive anyone crazy.

Ian: Any campaign optimization tips that are top-of-mind for you right now?

Sean: Attribution is definitely top of mind. We’re focused on an RFP of various attribution/tracking vendors to make sure we can offer clients the best of what’s out there. Each channel influences the other in different ways – not to mention cross device implications. Last click is dead!

Ian: Looking forward to 2013 and the future, how do you see online advertising evolving? What can smart professionals do to stay ahead of the curve?

Sean: Well if you listen to everyone out there, it’s mobile and social. They can’t be looked at in a vacuum though. Mobile commerce sucks and will never equal desktop commerce (now it might generate more traffic but the conversion issues wont magically fix themselves). Connect the dots to measure the true impact. Beyond that – I’d pay more attention to tablets than smart phones. Maybe I’m too fixated on usability but tablets (and eventually larger screened phones) will have a greater impact than people think.

Ian: Sean, thank you so much for the amazing interview. This has been a true pleasure. Any closing thoughts/advice for PPC Ian readers?

Sean: There’s a lot of great content out there – keep reading blogs like these!!

Ian: Thanks again, Sean! Wishing you and everyone at PPC Associates all the best, you guys are true leaders in our industry!

Image of Sean Marshall © Sean Marshall

I Have A Top 1% LinkedIn Profile

Feb. 10

When it comes to building your career in online marketing, LinkedIn is a truly invaluable resource. I have taken LinkedIn seriously from the early days of my career and it has paid large dividends. I have received job opportunities, forged connections, and built a network I’m truly proud of. For all these reasons and more, I was thrilled to receive last week an email from LinkedIn saying my profile is in their top 1% in terms of views for 2012 (check out the screenshot below). Thanks, LinkedIn, for the email. (As a side note: I think this is great marketing. Why not send emails from time to time commemorating milestones – 200 million users for LinkedIn – and thanking their most active members?)

So, what’s new for me on LinkedIn? These days, I’m having a blast with LinkedIn Skill Endorsements. When I originally wrote the post just referenced, my top skill was PPC with 6 endorsements. Now, my top skill is SEM with 43 endorsements. I have found that skill endorsements are all about user adoption. The more people you endorse, the more endorsements you will get!

I’m always interested in forging connections with new professionals in the online marketing industry. Thanks for reading PPC Ian and please make sure to Connect With Me on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Top 1 Percent