PPC Ian Featured On ZK’s Blog

Jun. 28

Hey Everyone,
It’s another exciting day in the life of PPC Ian. I’m honored to be featured on ZK’s Web Traffic ROI today! For those of you that don’t know, ZK is probably the most seasoned blog commentor on the Internet. He runs one of the top online marketing blogs on the Internet, one which I frequent all the time. In short, I respect ZK quite a bit and am honored to be featured on his blog! Please make sure to check out ZK’s review of PPC Ian today!

PPC Ian In The Press

I’m especially excited about this review because it’s another example of PPC Ian’s success in the press. As you may recall, I was also featured on Jonathan Volk, John Chow, and Teen Domainer. This stuff is so much fun!

One More Way To Win My Blog Commenting Contest

ZK's Web Traffic ROI

As you may know, I’m running a really cool blog commenting contest right now. (It’s really fitting that I mention my contest because ZK is the best commentor on the Internet in my opinion!) The top three commentors will receive free reviews on PPC Ian! The contest has been incredibly exciting so far (tons of thought provoking comments) and will end in less than two days. However, there still is time! To help everyone in these last few days, I’m offering double credit (this counts as two comments) for commenting on PPC Ian’s Review on ZK’s Web Traffic ROI.

Thanks again everyone for your support! It means the world to me!
All the best,
PPC Ian (Ian Lopuch)

PS – I just launced PPC Ian’s Facebook Fan Page. I have not even linked to it from my blog yet, but have already received a great response. I’m looking forward to growing my Facebook Fan Page over time and encourage you to fan me!

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Online Marketing Business Etiquette

Jun. 27

Hey Everyone,
I recently did two former business colleagues huge favors with absolutely no thank you at all. As a huge fan of business etiquette (being humble, grateful, and thankful got me where I am today), I’d like to share my recent experiences and make the case to think twice about the "small" stuff. Rising fast in the world of online marketing requires etiquette. If you master the numbers and the game, your online marketing career will seriously thrive.

Bad Business Etiquette: New Job, No Thank You

Thank You Note

It’s all about your network. I have invested substantial time over the years building my network, both in person and also on LinkedIn. Why is my network so strong? I like to do favors for other people and help them out. The more you give, the more you receive – It really is as simple as that! I truly care about others and enjoy growing careers in this great industry.

So, when I noticed that one of my bright former business colleagues was out of work, I went out of my way to leverage my network to help them out. I ended up landing them a really sweet job! Here’s the problem: I got absolutely zero thank you. Can you believe it? I sure find it hard to believe! No thank you note, no dinner, no lunch, no thank you at all. My advice to you: Never take a favor like this for granted. No matter how busy you may be, take the time to really say thank you.

Bad Business Etiquette: Letter of Recommendation, No Thank You

I recently spoke about online marketing at Stanford GSB. I was thoroughly impressed with the strong caliber of students at Stanford. As a Stanford Computer Science major, I aspire to attend Stanford GSB one day. As a fan of business school and higher education in general, I always am more than happy to write strong letters of recommendation for old reports and co-workers!

This year, I have enjoyed writing several letters of recommendation. Most of the time, I will get a sincere thank you note, lunch, dinner, or at least an in-person thank you. Recently, however, I wrote a really strong letter of recommendation and got absolutely no thank you! I really can’t believe it, can you?

My advice to you: Always take the time to write a heartfelt thank you note. We’re in a crazy industry where time is at a premium. However, I can tell you for a fact that the leverage of focusing on etiquette is extremely high. I always place etiquette at the top of my list because it has totally fueled my career. I now have an army of friends and colleagues ready to help me out. Focus on the small stuff and your network will propel your career to the next level.

Bad Etiquette Has Negative Leverage

It’s important to really focus on leverage in online marketing. Getting more done with less will exponentially impact your career. However, leverage works in both directions. Bad etiquette can really add negative leverage to your career. Just think about it: Not only will I be reluctant to help out these individuals again, I’m sure their bad etiquette has also impacted other situations with other people. People like to talk in general and this type of stuff can really start spreading! My advice: Be humble, grateful, and thankful – It will work wonders for your SEM career!

All the best,
PPC Ian (Ian Lopuch)

P.S. My blog commenting contest is almost over! However, it’s definitely not too late to enter. You have a few more days and I’ll announce the winners on June 30th. The comments have been amazing and I can’t wait to review the winners.

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PPC Ian Wins A Cool Bing T-Shirt

Jun. 21

Hey Everyone,
Today I wanted to highlight my cool new Bing t-shirt (see picture below). A few weeks ago, I noticed that @bing was running a Free T-Shirt Friday contest on Twitter. They simply asked folks to message @bing with a description of their search activities on Bing, specifically how people were using Bing to plan their weekend. At the time, I was searching on Bing for cool new online marketing blogs to learn some new pay per click strategies. I’m thrilled that I won the t-shirt and it’s really great quality. I’m a huge fan of the upcoming Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance and an overall huge fan of Bing. Bing team, thanks for the free t-shirt!

All the best,
PPC Ian (Ian Lopuch)

P.S. My blog commenting contest is going extremely well, but it’s not too late to enter! You still have over a week left to win a free review of your blog or website here on PPC Ian. To everyone who has participated so far, I sincerely thank you for your support.

P.P.S. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about Jonathan Volk’s Facebook Ads Guide. It’s not too late to pick up your copy. Start implementing Jonathan’s proprietary strategies now before they become commonplace!

P.P.P.S. I’ve been winning a lot of stuff lately! Check out John Chow’s latest episode of Dot Com Pho and you can see yours truly winning a pack of Entrepreneur Heroes trading cards live on Dot Com Pho. Scroll down on that post and you can see my blog commenting strategy hard at work. It’s blog commenting like this that has put PPC Ian on John Chow’s top commentors and propelled my traffic to new levels.

PPC Ian Wearing Bing T-Shirt

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Contest: Your Blog Reviewed For Free

Jun. 16

PPC Ian has really been taking off thanks to all of you. Because my blog has been ramping so quickly, I wanted to take some time today to share some of my favorite PPC Ian posts from the past while also introducing PPC Ian’s very first contest! If you scroll down a bit and look at my blog’s right sidebar, you can see my favorite posts. I highly recommend checking them all out. You’ll notice that all of these posts have lots of comments. Today, however, I’d like to take a different approach and share my top 10 favorite posts that got 0 comments. These are posts that may have been missed because they’re a bit older, before my blog started getting a lot of traffic. First, however, I’d like to talk about my contest!

PPC Ian’s First Contest

Favorite Online Marketing Posts

I’m a huge fan of blog commenting. As highlighted in my last post about SMX Advanced, I just met up with the Unique Blog Designs team. I’m actually working with these guys right now to make some enhancements to PPC Ian! One of those enhancements is an awesome top commentors section where I link to those of you driving the comments on my blog. I can’t wait! However, we’re just in the planning phase now (there will be a whole bunch of items on the checklist) and this process could take a bit of time. As such, I started brainstorming ideas on how I could drive more comments on PPC Ian now and an idea was born: Run a contest to drive blog comments!

So here’s the deal: Starting right now, this exact moment, I’m going to run a two week contest. This contest will reward the top three commentors over the next two weeks with reviews of their blogs (or websites). The reviews will feature each winner’s site with deep links to the top features on their sites. This is an awesome opportunity to get free press (and links) to your site!

Every comment that you make between now and two weeks from this exact moment will count towards a comment in the contest. I highly encourage commenting on the 10 awesome online marketing posts featured below for the simple fact that they have 0 comments right now. I would love to get your opinion on these posts. These posts are hidden gems on this blog in my opinion. At the same time, please do feel free to comment on any posts you’d like – all comments count. Two weeks from today, I will tally up the comments by commentor. The top three commentors will be featured in a follow-up article. That article will review the blogs (or websites) of the top three commentors and will provide several links to each site! The only restriction: To be eligible for this contest, your blog (or website) must be "family friendly." There you have it! I’m excited about this contest and looking forward to reading everyone’s comments!

10 Awesome Online Marketing Posts With 0 Comments

Following are some of my favorite PPC Ian posts. All of these posts received 0 comments. Even so, I feel like these posts are true hidden gems! I posted them before my site started getting a lot of traffic and I sincerely feel that you’ll learn some great stuff from these posts. I’ve divided them up into four broad themes: Search Marketing Career Tips, SEM People Management, Domaining, and Affiliate Marketing. I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

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SMX Advanced Seattle 2010 Rocked

Jun. 11

I attended SMX Advanced Seattle this week and had an awesome time. I really enjoyed the venue and met up with a lot of old and new friends. I even learned a few new tips and tricks from the esteemed group of presenters. In short, this was a superb conference. Today, I’m going to discuss my personal experience!

SMX Advanced Overview

Bing Team

I’m a big fan of online marketing conferences. Back in January, I thoroughly enjoyed the domaining conference TRAFFIC. More recently, I attended SMX West Santa Clara (but didn’t blog about it). The next conference on my list is SES San Francisco, coming in August. Search marketing conferences are a great place to network, learn, and stay in tune with a quickly evolving industry. It’s very easy to get stuck behind your computer and work long hours, losing sight of the bigger industry. My advice to you: Get yourself and your team out of the office and attend a few conferences!

This year, SMX (Search Marketing Expo) Advanced was held at Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle. You can see a few pictures of the venue at the end of this post. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed beautiful Seattle. I stayed at the convenient Edgewater Hotel right next to the conference center, the official hotel of the conference. I enjoy getting my sleep so the convenience of the hotel to the conference was a true gift.

For those of you newer to the industry, SMX conferences are organized by industry guru Danny Sullivan. Danny owns Third Door Media which publishes the world famous Search Engine Land. I always enjoy SMX conferences and this one took it to the next level, in my opinion. Why, you ask? Simple: I walked away empowered with a few new tips and tricks. As someone who’s been a PPC pro for over six years, it’s sometimes hard to find new, interesting ideas! I personally attended all of the sessions on the PPC track and enjoyed all of them.

SMX Advanced Was Great For Networking

Before we even get into my experience in the sessions, I have to highlight the awesome networking opportunities that SMX Advanced provided. I’m a huge fan of the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance. It’s one of the most exciting events in our industry since the Yahoo Panama transition several years ago. As such, I definitely wanted to spend some time with the Bing and Yahoo teams. You can see some photos of me with my friends from Bing and Yahoo above and below.

Second to the end below, you can see me hanging out with my friends from Kenshoo. As you may know, I’m a huge fan of SEM automation. Kenshoo is one of the premier SEM tools out there. The team is amazing (I have known these guys for a few years now) and they are growing rapidly. Their success makes perfect sense to me, the tool is awesome! Stay tuned, I will be interviewing Kenshoo in a future PPC Ian post.

Not pictured in this post, I got to connect with several old reports and co-workers. It’s a small industry and always great to see old friends. Also, I got to meet up with some of my newer friends. I enjoyed meeting Chris Guthrie from Make Money On The Internet and also Matt, Josh, and Nate from Unique Blog Designs. Unique Blog Designs designed and built PPC Ian! I worked extensively with them over the phone and email, and now I finally got to meet them. Good times for sure!

A Few Cool Takeaways From SMX Advanced

I took pages and pages of notes at SMX Advanced. Throughout the conference, I enjoyed emailing tips and tricks back to my team. I’ve been in the industry for over six years so it’s not often that I walk away from a conference with action items. SMX Advanced was different, however, and I now have a few new strategies to try. The presentations were great from the standpoint of sparking new ideas while also helping me re-engage old ideas that I had but filed away. I’d like to highlight just a few fun takeaways from the event:

  • Craig Danuloff, Founder and President of ClickEquations gave an excellent presentation on Google AdWords quality score. I walked away with an awesome white paper and a few new quality score tests. In particular, Craig piqued my interest with his hypothesis that display URLs with fake subdomains and folders (to improve CTR) are considered different from the root URL for quality score history purposes.
  • Wister Walcott from Marin Software proved that conversion rate does not vary by position! There has been an ongoing debate in our industry about this topic forever. It was great to see Wister independently prove this concept, further validating the findings of Google’s chief economist Hal Varian (I recently heard Hal speak on this topic at Google’s Think Finance event). As you know from my recent Marin Software Interview, I’m a tremendous fan of this amazing SEM technology company and give them my top recommendation.
  • Siddharth Shah, PhD from Efficient Frontier discussed portfolio theory versus profit maximization bidding models and how one may leverage the concepts of portfolio theory even with an unlimited budget. I really enjoyed his talk and walked away with an awesome white paper as well!
  • Several awesome presentations on mobile PPC. Mobile is going to be huge in coming years and now is the time to start testing. Of particular interest, I enjoyed learning that shorter queries perform better in mobile and that catchy abbreviations such as "4" (instead of "for") and "ur" (instead of "your") are accepted by Google. I feel empowered to start some mobile tests.
  • The idea of microconversions was covered several times. I’m a big direct response guy. However, when you’re building out awareness, branding, and social media efforts, it’s not always practical to look at the entire funnel. However, one should assign a dollar value to microconversions such as number of Twitter followers, white paper downloads, and Facebook fans. An old concept that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but great to put it in font of me again and remind me to take action!

Couldn’t attend SMX Advanced this year? Don’t worry! SMX conferences are frequent and SMX Paris and SMX East are just around the corner. One thing is for sure: I will be attending SMX Advanced again next year! I will tell you, there was one huge downside to this conference… My two hour flight home turned into a six hour flight home. High winds in San Francisco forced my small United plane to turn around and land in Sacramento (lack of fuel to circle and wait for landing clearance). After waiting a long time on the Sacramento runway, we finally took off again for SF. The second time around, we had to circle like crazy until we finally landed. Upon landing, there really were some seriously high winds so I do appreciate that United put safety first and didn’t rush the landing.

Some Photos From SMX Advanced Seattle

SMX Advanced 2010

Bell Harbor Conference Center

Kenshoo Team

Yahoo Team

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